February 23, 2022

Just Don’t: The Top 3 Halloween Costumes to Avoid This Year

For children and teens, Halloween night might just be the best night of the year. It’s a chance to rebel a little, have some fun and eat an immense amount of candy at an age in which there aren’t extreme repercussions.

Adults often celebrate in a similar fashion. All Hallows’ Eve is a chance to shed the work suits and restrictive ties, visit with friends and drink crafted pumpkin brews. Ask any age, however, and you’ll find that the accumulative answer to “What’s the best part of Halloween?" is most definitely the chance to dress in a costume.

Everyone wants to have fun at the Halloween party, but make sure you make good choices starting with the outfit you choose. Here are the top three costumes to avoid this year, and why:  

  1. Policeman. It may be fun to dress up as a person of authority and play some ‘tricks’ of your own on friends and trick-or-treaters, but beware! Impersonating an officer is an illegal offense and could lead to serious fines and/or jail time. Additionally, were you to get pulled over, an officer may find your Halloween costume a bit disrespectful. It’s best to resist the urge to throw on the plastic badge and opt for a less controversial choice instead.
  2.  Prisoner. We’ve discussed how a police officer’s outfit may be perceived—now let’s discuss the opposite end of the spectrum. A prisoner ranks as one of the top ten costumes to wear for Halloween. It goes along with the theme of rebellion and is a fun way for otherwise straight-laced individuals to celebrate the season. However, if you are going to be a ‘dead man walking’, so to speak, make sure there are some ‘dead' giveaways that let people know you are not, in fact, an escaped criminal. In other words, don’t be TOO authentic in your inmate garb. The last thing you want on Halloween is an intense line of questioning when you’re already in a celebratory state of mind.
  3. Clown. Currently, the Carolinas are seeing a rise in clown-related criminal incidents. It’s such a hot topic that it’s made national news and incited protests from ‘clown' performers and sympathizers (which is a bit scary in its own right). Clowns have always been a top pick for Halloween costumes (think Pennywise from ‘It’)—but you’re smarter to leave the white make-up and balloon animals on the shopping aisle. Tensions are high on Halloween, especially from parents. While you may think it’s fun to dress in Bozo apparel and give out candy, parents may sense real danger.

Additional Halloween Tips:  

  • Make Sure You Can Be Seen
    As a pedestrian, make sure you’re wearing a reflective object or reflective clothing. No one wants to spend the holidays in jail or in the hospital. And if you’re driving, make sure you are paying attention to the roads. No texting!
  • Drink Responsibly
    This goes without saying but, unfortunately, those 21+ don’t always heed this warning. Cops know that crime spikes on Halloween—they’ll be out in full force ready to protect citizens and the roadways. With services like Uber and Lyft, you don’t have an excuse to be caught drinking and driving. However, it does happen. Remember, field sobriety tests are not always accurate. And you CAN refuse them. Your best bet in having the best outcome for your potential DUI is to contact an attorney as soon as possible.  

Ultimately, much of Halloween safety comes down to basic common sense. Even the most cunning, intelligent and street-wise individual may have a lapse in judgment. Sometimes situations are out of your hands. Knowing an attorney you can trust, and call should you need one, is your best bet in celebrating All Hallows' Eve with confidence. 

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